Crane Parameters – What You Need To Know

There are various acitivities and services that need quality cranes. It’s important to identify the parameters of your crane project before classifying what extras and additions to the crane are needed for full completion.

Placing different angled stress, weight constraints, and distance requirements on a crane before it’s equipped to handle them can result in the destruction of the crane and surrounding injuries.

The important role of a winch

For instance, if your project calls for vertical lifting or lowering, or the job requires demanding lifting over a long distance, it’s recommended to add a winch. If you’re looking to lift a load over the side of a bridge or down the hold of a ship, a winch is absolutely necessary.

The difference between radio and manual controls

Though individuals who have been in the crane lifting industry for a long time prefer manual controls, radio gives operators increased visibility and expanded production capabilities when completing a project. Consider switching to radio controls if you haven’t done so already.

Take the time to identify your specific parameters before taking on a new construction task.

Finding The Quality Outrigger Stabilizers in USA and Canada

Drive Products has recently taken over and carried BigMax’s complete line of compact telescopic and articulated cranes. They has become a leading distributor of small truck cranes, outrigger stabilizers throughout Canada and US.

Stabilizers were added to the product line in 2004. They were initially an option to support the operation of the smaller BIGMAX hydraulic cranes but only in two models which were designed mainly for cranes under 20,000 ft lb rating.

The introduction of these first 2 models established Drive Products as a competitive supplier of outriggers. Within a short period of time, Bigmax was attracting inquiries for larger types and sizes of outrigger stabalizers to be used for a variety of industries not related to the boom crane market.

To fill this demand, Drive Products increased the models from 2 sizes to 9 sizes and began to stock a more complete range for sale.

Outrigger Stabilizers for Mobile Equipment - Ready to Ship

Outrigger Stabilizers for Mobile Equipment – Ready to Ship

Consequently, what started out as a product carried to support crane sales grew into one of Drive Products’s major BIGMAX product lines in a relatively short time.

We have competitive shipping rates for all cranes and outrigger stabilizers to ship anywhere in the United States or Canada.  Special order stabilizers can also be direct shipped from the factory or to other countries.  Dealer inquiries are always welcome.